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Cuttyhunk Plein Air Festival Volunteer Opportunities

Cuttyhunk Plein Air Photographer

One Dedicated Volunteer

   • Meet the M/V and photograph arriving artists throughout the day as they paint in-place;

    • photograph organizers hanging artwork and jurors at work in USCG Boat House;

    • __ARTY! participants and hosts;

    • awards presentation;

    • ferry departure.

Cuttyhunk Plein Air Ambassador

Up to 30 Volunteers

•As many as 30 volunteers with golf carts or trucks are needed to offer a brief tour to the artists (only 16 are new this year with 44 returning), drop them off in the location of their choice, and pick them up again no later than 2:30 p.m.;  

•Volunteers are needed to pass out box lunches to artists (all boxes are labeled by preparer) and stamp artists’ canvas, paper, or board to authenticate work;

•Volunteers with porches are needed in case of light rain or heavy fog to shelter artists while they paint;

•Volunteer is already in place (Patty Andrews) to accompany artists aboard M/V Cuttyhunk, pass out information packets and answer questions;

Musician Ambassador

One Dedicated Volunteer

To ensure that the musician is situated and ready to perform during the day and at the “_ARTY!”.

  • Greet musician at the Ferry, helping them offload their equipment, and transport them to the Fish Dock for a noontime performance by the Cuttyhunk Cafe.

  • Return musician to the Boat house in time to set up for the “_ARTY!”; 2:45 or so.

  • Provide any needed support to get musician and equipment back on to the Ferry for departure.

Artist Comfort Ambassador

One Dedicated Volunteer

To make the visiting painters feel welcome and to put Cuttyhunk’s best foot forward in the process.
The morning of the event, prior to ferry arrival: 

  • Ensure that the bathrooms at the Marina are open, clean, and well-stocked with paper products;

  • Work with CHS Director or Board President to ensure that the Cuttyhunk Historical Society’s Museum bathroom is open and available and ready for use. 

  • Be sure the Town Hall front door is unlocked, and that the bathroom is clean and well-stocked with paper products; 

  • Post the signs at the intersections to help painters find their way around the Island;

  • During the event drive around the Island, bringing water & insect repellent to painters, and answering questions as needed. 

_ARTY!  Reception Host

One Dedicated Volunteer

To represent the Cultural Council and to help ensure that the painters and others at the afternoon event feel welcome and have a good experience. 

Tasks: Before the event (a week or more beforehand):
• Coordinate a few folks to prepare and bring an hors d’oeuvre to share (possibly cut veggies and dip, snack mix, cheese & crackers appropriate as 3:00 p.m. snack). 

During the event: 

    • Help the musician get set up, find the outlet to plug in his amplifier, etc.; 

    • Test the microphone for use during the awards ceremony; 

    • Obtain coolers to ice wine and store ice for lemonade or infused water; 

    • Help set up the food and drink tables with tablecloths, cups, napkins, drinks, food; 

    • Pour wine and lemonade; refresh food trays and bowls

    • Pass the basket for the CCC donations, encouraging guests to support the Council’s programs - like the Plein Air Festival, Avalon concerts, special programs.

Jurors’ Assistant/s

Multiple Volunteers

    • To work with a small group to receive the submitted paintings and hang them for judging, with care and efficiency after they have been stamped for authenticity; 

    • Tasks: Receive paintings from the artists, making sure their labels are completed; 

    • Help hang the paintings; 

    • Document the winners and their work, preferably with photographs, and with written information about winner’s name; painting title; and sale price (if applicable).

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